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A complete package of expatriate services for international assignments from and to the Netherlands

Companies which send employees abroad or vice versa – send employees to the Netherlands or bring them over to the Netherlands – do this with a preconceived purpose. Anyone who becomes an expat, embarks on an adventure abroad, together with their family. In order to both achieve the aim of the company and limit the risks of the adventure, it is important to have a well thought out policy and adequate assistance. Borrie Expatriate Services has compiled a complete package of services, so that both the company and the expat can embark on the adventure without any concerns or unnecessary stress.

Expatriate Services

Every international assignment begins by deciding on the best strategy for both the company and the expat. Then a decision is made on the best form of international assignment and what the financial consequences of this are for both parties. Read more

Immigration & Relocation Services

The services which Borrie Expatriate Services offers in this field are geared towards applying for employment permits / residence permits (immigration) as well as the actual relocation. Read more

Payroll, Tax & Accounting Services

Borrie Expatriate Services can assist you in running your payroll administration correctly and also advise and support the company and the expat with tax and accounting issues. Read more

Services for foreign-based companies

We do not only provide Expatriate Services but also provide advice and assistance to foreign-based companies who are (already) doing business in the Netherlands or who want to set up a business or branch office in the Netherlands. Read more

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