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Payroll in the Netherlands

A Dutch company or a Dutch branch of a foreign company with employees working in the Netherlands is obliged to set up a Dutch payroll administration and must make sure that, every month, the right amount of wage tax and social security premiums are withheld and paid to the Dutch Tax Authorities.

What can we do for you?
  • Registration with the Dutch Tax Authorities.
  • Advise on and draft Dutch employment contracts.
  • Application for the Dutch 30%-ruling.
  • Calculation of monthly salary and preparation of monthly payslips.
  • Submission of monthly wage tax returns to Dutch Tax Authorities.
  • Year-end statements for Dutch Tax Authorities and employees.
  • Creation of payment schedule for wage tax, national insurances and net wages.
  • Correspondence with Dutch Tax Authorities and other parties involved (e.g. insurance companies).
  • Submission of monthly salary expense related journal entries for the financial administration of your company.
  • Arrange and advise on insurance (for both company and employee).
  • Answer all other questions you might have.

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