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Salary criteria Highly Skilled Migrants as from January 1, 2012

01 January 2012

Every year the salary criteria for Highly Skilled Migrants are adjusted after indexation based on publications of the Dutch Central Buro of Statistics.

For 2012 the gross annual salary criteria are as follows:

  • Euro 51.239 if the highly skilled migrant is 30 years of older
  • Euro 37.575 if the individual is under the age of 30
  • Euro 26.931 if the individual is recently graduated in The Netherlands

Every year the salary criteria for highly skilled migrants are adjusted after indexation.

The salary criteria for a work permit for key personnel as required by the Dutch Employment Authorities (UWV) are the same as the salary criteria for highly skilled migrants of 30 years or older.

For further information please contact Fred Krabbendam, Rotterdam + 31 (0)10 2667733 or Frank Post, Amsterdam + 31 (0)20 790911

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