personal touch in relocation

Accountancy firms and tax advisors in the Netherlands

Borrie Expatriate Services gladly makes its services available to accountancy firms and tax advisors. Although we are affiliated with Borrie, we like to emphasise that we, as an autonomous business unit, will definitely restrict ourselves to our specialised services in the field of expatriate services and that we can assist you, as external partner, in serving your client. Both your firm and your firm’s clients can turn to us with every confidence for services relating to deployment abroad and other expat matters.

Client case study

A large client of ours became involved with expat issues through international expansion. When he asked us about our experience in that area, we had to admit that it didn’t form part of our package. We then had a choice between two things: let the client sort it out for himself or outsource the expertise we did not possess ourselves. The cooperation with Borrie Expatriate Services didn’t disappoint us. Not only is the client satisfied with the services and the way in which they were delivered, but we never need to feel anxious about bringing in a competitor: the correct and open working methods adopted by Borrie Expatriate Services allow no room for doubt – all they want to do is share their expertise, and they are not out to compete in any way with our firm. It’s therefore a welcome addition which we in no way regret. Our client is happy with how we were able to resolve his problem and, in the meantime, his foreign adventure is doing us no harm.

Borrie is an active and driving force in the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance in the field of accountancy, tax advice and consultancy.