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Setting up a Business or Branch Office in the Netherlands?

Foreign companies expanding their activities to the Netherlands can either operate by means of a Dutch branch or set up a Dutch limited liability company (in Dutch: besloten vennootschap, or bv). The legal consequences of this choice can be far-reaching, because, in the case of a Dutch branch, the parent company will remain liable for any problems that might occur in the Netherlands. Borrie Expatriate Services can help you make the best choice and can assist you with regard to all legal matters. In addition to that, we are able to help you register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Tax Authorities. Besides this, we can provide you with sound advice regarding tax and accounting issues and we can take care of your Dutch payroll administration.

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A client case study

We specialise in the transportation of highly valuable goods, such as paintings, antique furniture, musical instruments, jewellery, classic cars and other delicate items that require special conditions and are sometimes hard to insure. Our parent company is based in Zurich, Switzerland. When we planned to set up a Dutch branch of our business in Rotterdam, it soon became clear that the fact that Switzerland was not a member of the European Union complicated things.

We chose to do business with Borrie Expatriate Services because their experience and knowledge in this field was just what we needed. Not only did they assist us in making the right choice for the type of company, they also took care of the paperwork and guided us through the process. They also made sure that the two people who travelled with their families from Switzerland to Rotterdam had nothing to worry about with regard to their stay in the Netherlands; everything was taken care of. Their payroll administration is indispensable because, even in the eyes of a Swiss, the Dutch tax system is highly demanding when it comes to tax payments and year-end statements. The hands-on approach of Borrie Expatriate Services and their less-is-more mentality made us feel very much at home in the Netherlands and allowed us to concentrate fully on our work.

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