personal touch in relocation

Dutch companies with limited expat experience

Growing companies which are taking their first steps abroad, or bringing their first employee to the Netherlands, use the services of Borrie Expatriate Services. In some cases, experience with expats is not yet optimum and sometimes it is just a question of too little attention being paid to all the details associated with an international assignment, due to the explosive growth. When it comes to sending one or several employees abroad, Borrie Expatriate Services can provide hands-on support. On the basis of a clear phased plan, we make recommendations on the best form of international assignment for each case and on all the related consequences. In addition, we can assist with the practical details of the assignment – from start to finish.

Client case study

Our medical software business had been operating successfully in the Netherlands for five years when we suddenly received a massive order from the United States. But this was conditional on us training all the people who would be working with the software. You can then look locally for an instructor or train people from a distance, but we thought the best idea was to send out one of our own developers to implement the training programme for the local operators. This decision was actually taken quickly. But we had absolutely no idea of the financial consequences, the taxes, the medical insurance, et cetera. Briefly, we knew what we wanted but didn’t know how to go about it.

The practical support from Borrie Expatriate Services is very valuable in such situations. First of all, we changed the length of stay on their advice. Our man will now be in the US for two years and comes back to the Netherlands every three weeks for one week. That means his family can stay at home, which makes a big difference in terms of costs. Also, Borrie Expatriate Services took care of all the paperwork for the international assignment. Now everyone knows where they’re up to, all legal documents are in order and we can therefore focus fully on our real work.

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